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Home-Study Course

Beyond Attachment: Online Program

Transform your relationships with this comprehensive home-study course that guides you beyond restrictive attachment style labels, helping you to cultivate deeper and more meaningful connections. Through a series of engaging modules, you'll gain practical tools and valuable insights that will revolutionize your interactions, enhance self-awareness, and foster genuine intimacy. Ideal for anyone committed to building lasting bonds and understanding relationship dynamics on a deeper level.

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Home-Study Course

Beyond Breakup 30-Day Course & Journal

Navigate the complexities of a breakup with clarity and confidence using the 'Beyond Breakup Checklist.' This concise guide provides you with step-by-step actions to manage the emotional and practical aspects of a breakup. Learn how to heal, regain your sense of self, and prepare for healthier future relationships. Perfect for anyone seeking to turn a painful ending into a new beginning..

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Community & Live Calls

Relational Skills Academy: Membership

Join the Relational Skills Academy, a private community where you can continuously evolve your interpersonal skills. Every month, we offer fresh content, live workshops, and interactive Q&A sessions designed to enhance your emotional intelligence and communication abilities. Dive into a supportive environment that nurtures stronger, more meaningful connections in all aspects of your life.

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Relationship ReWire: Live Group Program

Transform how you engage with relationships through our six-week group program, Relationship ReWire. This intensive course helps you re-wire your approach to relationships, offering tools and strategies to shift your perspective and build healthier, more resilient connections. Join us to discover a new way of relating that enhances your interpersonal dynamics and personal growth.

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