BreakthroughĀ Session

Let's Team Up & Take A Stand For Your Growth.

I'm Ready

We'll get clear on what's going wrong so we can gameplan how to make it right

Private Session ā€” $300 (normally $500)

Pinpoint Your Core Challenges: Identify the underlying issues keeping you stuck.

Transformative Clarity: Get clear on what's not working and uncover the best path forward.

Customized Strategies for Success: Develop a personalized plan that aligns with your unique needs.

Empower Your Next Steps: Leave with renewed confidence and actionable steps for lasting change.

Rewire in Real-Time: Shift your thinking and behavior to break free from old patterns.


Find a time that works for you, purchase your session, show up ready to rock.

What's Included:

  • 60Ā MinĀ Recorded Zoom Video Call
  • Be held, seen & received without an agenda
  • Develop a clear gameplan
  • Identify key behaviors & stories holding you back
  • Define yourĀ re-wire strategy
  • Clarify & empower your next steps
  • Be mobilized into a new mode of thinking, feeling, behaving & relating

I will fully show up and give you the greatestĀ call of your life. You will do the same.
CreateĀ clarity and momentum.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.