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I never thought I could overcome my relational shadows..

Until I uncovered the relational alchemy process...

Imagine turning past struggles into foundations for deeper connections. With a blend of empathy and psychology, I've crafted an approach that unravels complexities. Whether you're navigating dating or enriching long-term partnerships, I'm committed to empowering you with the tools to turn challenges into growth.

Rewrite your relationship narrative through the magic of relational alchemy.

Who Am I?

I'm more than just a Relationship Coach; I'm a holistic practitioner with a diverse background in yoga, mindfulness, health, fitness, and psychology. My journey began with a deep passion for understanding the intricate dance of the mind and body. Over the years, I've delved into various disciplines, each adding a unique layer to my approach.

My journey into the world of relationship coaching is deeply personal. It was my own quest for healing and understanding that ignited the flame guiding me to serve others in their transformative journeys.


In my practice, I emphasize nervous system awareness, regulation practices, and attachment theory, crafting a unique approach tailored to those navigating post-breakup challenges or individuals yearning for connection but grappling with fear. Let's explore how these elements weave together in our transformative journey.

1. Nervous System Awareness: A Foundation for Healing

In our work together, I lay the groundwork with a deep dive into nervous system awareness. Understanding the intricate dance between stimuli and our nervous system response is pivotal. This awareness becomes a compass, guiding us through practices that regulate and soothe, fostering a stable foundation for exploration and growth. By attuning to the signals of the nervous system, we create a space where healing becomes an integrated experience.

2. Attachment Theory: Illuminating Relationship Dynamics

Attachment theory serves as a cornerstone in our journey. For those traversing the aftermath of a breakup or hesitant to embrace a new relationship, we delve into attachment styles. This exploration sheds light on the roots of attachment patterns, nurturing a compassionate examination of how early experiences shape present relationships. Through this lens, we unravel the complexities of connection, fostering a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

3. Post-Breakup Transformation: From Pain to Empowerment

For individuals navigating the aftermath of a breakup, our work is a transformative process that transcends pain into empowerment. Together, we navigate the layers of grief, loss, and self-discovery. We move beyond the scars of the past, shaping a resilient present and an empowered future. Through holistic exploration, we reclaim and redefine your narrative, turning the page to a chapter filled with newfound strength and purpose.

4. The Desire for Connection: Addressing Fear and Hesitation

Many yearn for connection but find themselves tethered by fear or uncertainty. Our work addresses these barriers at their roots. We embark on a journey to understand and reprogram underlying beliefs that may hinder the desire for connection. By navigating the complexities of the mind, body, emotions, and behaviors, we create a space where the authentic longing for connection can gracefully unfold.

Holistic Integration: Mind, Body, Emotions, Behaviors

Our transformative journey is a holistic integration of mind, body, emotions, and behaviors. We delve into the labyrinth of the mind, exploring sensations within the body, navigating the vast landscape of emotions, and addressing behaviors that either obstruct or nurture connection. The goal is not merely to heal but to thrive — to bring forth a version of yourself that can gracefully navigate and enrich all your relationships.

"Working with Travis revolutionized the way I perceive and nurture relationships—truly transformative!" 

- Martin Marino

"Incredible insights from The Relational Alchemy Method reshaped my approach to dating, leading me to genuine, meaningful connections."

- Bill Bayaud

"With Travis' guidance, I've experienced a relationship metamorphosis, turning conflicts into opportunities for intimacy."

- Susan Smith

You can overcome your past and create the your dream relationship.

Learn the formula to relational alchemy and use it to:

  • Stop letting your fears and doubts from past relationship run your approach to dating.
  • Fully own your desires and preferences and respectfully integrate them into your partnership.
  • Productively tend to your wounds and hurts from relationship pain without shame and guilt.
  • Heal your attachment styles & naturally hold supportive space for your partner's.
  • Rest deeply into the fulfillment of your relational growth without falling back into old patterns.

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